The book, Soil, Grass and Cancer, is considered to be one of the legendary works in the field of nutrition. As we know, nutritional books are a separate branch of health books that receives special attention. In the present  circumstances, experts used to comment that nutrition is the most important point we must think about. We seem to be happy about our achievements in the field of medicine, but in fact the success of these medicines are still questioned. The use of medicine has helped to control many of epidemics, but the incidence rate of other serious life threatening diseases are still increasing at alarming rates. The search for an appropriate solution begins from with the  identification of the real reason for the disease. Even though diseases have different characteristic features, the reason of the disease points to a single factor, nutrition. The book, Soil, Grass and Cancer reveals significant facts about the importance of the environmental factors in nutrition.


Andre Voisin is the author of Soil, Grass and Cancer. Andre Voisin, an eminent professor of biochemistry, has presented the book with serious thought of expression, which he has gathered from his life. In the book he tries to  insist upon the importance of soil in the growth and mineral composition of food. His experience gathered from a teaching career has certainly helped in writing this book. The strong scientific background of the book is actually the key success of the findings listed in the book. However the personal interest of Andre Voisin in cultivation is the key motivating factor of writing the book and the light of practical experience has given an authenticity to the book.


The book, Soil, Grass and Cancer, deals with the soil’s health. As everyone knows, energy is circulated as a cycle through the food chain. Hence it is evident that the health of the soil is important for plants as well as the animal kingdom. The author tries to map the elements in the soil and reveal the elementary composition of the soil. The book also emphasizes the role of microbial and enzymatic processes taking place in the soil. Andre Voisin tries to focus the risks in the use of over fertilization and the use of other poisonous chemicals and warns people including agricultural scientists, and farmers. He tries to substantiate that even cancer can be linked to the intake of food grown in places with excess amounts of heavy metals.


The intention of the book, is to advocate the use of safe and natural practices for the resistance of pests and their increasing productivity. In Soil, Grass and Cancer, Andre Voisin tries to substantiate the hidden relationship between the health of animals, the soil and humans. The book shows the balance of nutrients and trace minerals in the soil and tries to educate people how the delicate balance of the soil is affected by the fertilization practices. The information gathered from the intensive research makes evident that intelligent cultivation practices are inevitable for sustainable cultivation. The book also put forth several healthy agricultural practices before the farmers, which helps them to ensure the quality of the farmland from the risk of fertilization along with enhancing the profitability from agriculture. The suggested safe agricultural practices include rotation management that preserves the wealth of the soil. The book Soil, Grass and Cancer, can be stated as an effort to make people aware about the dangers in the popular agricultural practices and a call to them to not forget their responsibilities to the world.