Sugar Blues is among the most widely discussed books out there, and has been able to make a shift in people’s thoughts. We are presently living in a time of ever increasing knowledge and on a daily basis we are hearing about new scientific breakthroughs in science. Living during a time of great human development means that we can enjoy all the benefits of luxury and decadence. However the primary focus of scientists is the improvement of the quality human life. Scientists have discovered many lifesaving drugs for the cure of life threatening diseases and nutritional supplements for the malnutrition, but the threat remains that the incidences of lifestyle diseases are increasing at alarming rates. The search for an explanation for this phenomenon projects itself upon our unhealthy conventional diet habits, as the possible reason. The book, Sugar Blues, discusses this subject as well as the ill effects of sugar.


Sugar Blues, the book written by William Dufty, was quite controversial to people when it was first released. It shows that the sugar used in our diets can be the reason for many of our health problems. The book was published quite awhile ago, but the utility of the book continues to make it a best seller. Sugar Blues was primarily viewed as an open attack on the sugar manufacturers and desert/candy industry. However, the detailed discussion of the pros and cons of sugar has convinced people about its authenticity. The interesting writing style uses clear and evident facts and alternative suggestions, which increases its attraction and enables it to be popular reading material. Sales records show that the book, Sugar Blues, was the sensation of its time, and was well received by the public and celebrated by the media.


Today the book Sugar Blues acts as a motivation factor to avoid sugar for many people and has helped them to avoid the side effects of sugar as well. The book elaborates on the fact that sugar use has invaded itself into the culture of  food. In the book, William Dufty details about the long history of sugar usage and its influence on society. It is an interesting narration, which also acts as a real eye opener. Most of people have a misconception that sugar is the substitute of carbohydrates and performs the function of carbohydrates. The book tries to detail the consumption pattern of sugar and points out that refined sugar does not have any role, other than to harm the body. The author is also bold enough to say that refined sugar harnesses minerals such as calcium for its metabolism, which is a threat to the normal functioning of the teeth and bones.


William Dufty promoted the book, Sugar Blues with the help of renowned Hollywood actress, Gloria Swanson. The suggestion of a sugar free diet and the demonstration of its utility have helped to increase the popularity of the book. William Dufty has substantiated that the sugar free diet can even help to rescue one from pre-existing sugar  problems and advocates that it could save one from various dangerous illnesses. The only drawback mentioned about the book is the lack of a solid scientific background. The book fails to distinguish between the types of diabetes and the reason behind its occurrence. However this has not affected the pleasure of reading of the book. It is certain that Sugar Blues will be a motivating factor for serious readers, who want to rescue themselves from the ill effects of sugar and to stop with the consumption of sugar.