The Acid – Alkaline Balance Diet is a book that is presently available in all major book stores. The author of this book is Felicia Drury Kliment who wrote it to make people aware of the various agriculture and food preservation methods of today that can cause serious damage to the human diet.


The human body suffers a lot from the acidic wastes of processed food and the chemical additives in it. These acidic wastes are basically the by-products of foods we eat and are the common denominator of many degenerative diseases. Once acidic wastes tend to accumulate in the body, organs malfunction and break down. So this is why the author stresses the fact that the balancing of the acid-alkaline pH factor of the body leads to a dynamic means of improving health.


Today, the art of balancing the body’s acid alkaline pH factor leads to improved health. This book provides an easy to follow food combination program which in fact, gives new meaning to the notion of a ‘well-balanced diet’. Once you balance the body’s acidity level, several medical conditions will be under control, this includes arthritis, hepatitis, alcoholism, insomnia, and kidney diseases.


Armed with this knowledge, you can very well find the required help to combat acidity levels in your body. You also find many success stories in this book, which in fact, offers inspiring proof that a change in your diet and lifestyle is very effective in improving your health.


You will find that Felicia Drury Kliment describes the psyche that leads to food binges in such an effective way, that when reading it, you feel she is describing exactly what is running through your mind! Not only does she describe your mental state, she also describes the physical state your body goes through when your appetite gets out of control, and the steps you have to do to combat this.


You also find many ailments and remedies for alkalizing your body. Unlike some books, the author is not propagating any nutritional products through the book. She does mention many supplements, food and other products, and where to find them. It also provides information on how individual needs can determine the right diet for a body, and how to get to this. You also find different metabolic types mentioned in the book. On reading The Acid – Alkaline Balance Diet, you get an idea of the inner workings of your body as well.  


This 238 page, soft covered book is the best choice for the person who wants to slim down, while staying healthy and having a balanced body. The Acid – Alkaline Balance Diet is indeed a great source of information, insight and foresight.


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