The concept of yoga is perceived as simple stretching, however in actuality, its postures work as tools that benefit your health through improved circulation to the muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and internal organs. Bikrum yoga is a form of yoga started by Bikrum Choudhary, and has many health benefits associated with it. Bikrum yoga works on the principle that the body can heal itself with the increase in the flow of oxygen throughout the body. This is a type of yoga that is scientifically designed to help provide oxygen to the different parts of the body, especially to the parts that need it the most. With the help of Bikrum yoga it is possible to regenerate, strengthen, rejuvenate, balance and flex both the inside and the outside of the body.


Bikrum yoga can help to build the balance, flexibility and strength of your body. It is also very effective in the stabilizing of weight. When you follow Bikrum yoga, you find that all forms of chronic pain are relieved and all injuries, healed. It is also possible to eliminate toxins in the body. In addition to all of this, Bikrum yoga is also known to help strengthen the cardio-vascular system and improve the immune system. Bikrum yoga, or in general, any other form of yoga, is beneficial for all body types. Flexibility, agility, fitness, an age are not factors to take into consideration when opting for yoga. With it series of postures and breathing exercises, Bikrum yoga can deliver great benefits to the regular practice of yoga. Everyone stands to benefit from Bikrum yoga; be it athletes, dancers, sports people and corporate teams. Even those stressed out with life, the underweight or overweight and beginners of the exercise benefit.


There are basically 26 postures in Bikrum yoga that are conducted over 90 minutes. The yoga practice starts with a breathing exercise and progresses through 24 asanas to end with a breathing posture that eliminates toxins. Bikrum yoga classes are usually held in heated rooms as it provides for greater flexibility and reduces the chances of any injury. Moreover, a heated room minimizes muscle strain and enhances the cleaning of the body. You also find that with Bikrum yoga done in heated rooms, your stamina and endurance is built. Bikrum yoga helps in building up energy, stamina and flexibility in the body. You find that its postures tend to help in stretching, squeezing and the massaging of the internal organs. With this, the cardiovascular system is flushed out and the endocrine and nervous systems stimulated. It is a known fact that muscles tend to stiffen with age wherein joints face pressure. However, with regular stretching from Bikrum yoga, joint deterioration and gradual stiffening are prevented. Moreover, while working out in Bikrum yoga, lots of energy is liberated, which can be used effectively in daily life.


Bikrum yoga is beneficial for those looking to lose weight, relaxation, stretching and toning of the body and just the overall health of the body, and as Bikrum yoga is a beginner’s exercise, anyone can participate in it. Nothing in it can hurt or injure as the postures are generally motionless and not in continuous movement. With Bikrum yoga, you find an increase in your heart rate, while you laugh, strain and sweat. It is important that you incorporate a daily schedule that includes Bikrum yoga as you can not expect to find overnight benefits. It is a powerful and challenging job where you should not force yourself into doing it. You are the one to judge what and how much is needed for your body on a day as though progress is slow, benefits are sure. It all depends on the amount of time and effort you put in your Bikrum yoga. Remember, it is never too late, nor are you too old or in too bad a condition to start Bikrum yoga.