The secret to a successful company or business is of course, happy and efficient employees. The main benefits of having employees exercise is the health benefits offered with regular exercise. The risks of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and other ailments are greatly reduced and with this reduction in health problems, you will have fewer problems with absenteeism in the office. Not only is exercise beneficial to the employees, but healthy employees are rather beneficial to the company as well. This is because with the encouragement of physical activity in employees, you observe lowered health insurance costs and better performance on the part of the employee and thus, the business establishment. With lowered health insurance costs, the business has fewer expenditures from the business, and increased productivity and thus more income for the company.


Keeping this in mind, many companies now have fitness centers and exercise programs within the company so that their employees get their share of exercise and physical activity. Businesses with insufficient funds and space to offer their own fitness centers tend to offer discounted memberships for their employees to join health clubs so that the employees can maintain a daily routine of exercise. With a regular exercise routine, employees tend to be more energetic than sedentary employees. With this extra energy, it is possible for the employee to solve not only more problems, but also solve problems much more efficiently. They can come to solutions much faster as their brains are always refreshed and working on new solutions. Employees on an exercise routine can also meet deadlines better, and deal with stress much better and more effectively. This is why they can also think faster, and remember more things, much more efficiently. In fact, to these employees, the daily activities of life are less of a chore, and more like a source of entertainment to them.


Employees who exercise regularly are generally more relaxed wherein they have better, more sound sleep. There is no difficulty for them to fall asleep, and this in turn helps in reducing muscular tension in the body. It is only those who exercise regularly who can experience the restorative effects of relaxation existing after a workout. In fact, it has been proven through research that one of the best things to be done to a depressed person is to force them to exercise. With this exercise, the depression that the employee may be in is removed with immediate elevation of the mood.


There are some employees who are hesitant to start on an exercise program as they are generally not very athletic or coordinated. However, it is only after an exercise program is started that they discover that they can indeed exercise and do a workout successfully. This is because with a regular exercise routine, they gain muscle tone and strength and can improve their stamina and emotional feelings. With this increased self confidence, employees find a sustaining force that helps them continue with their exercise program.


In addition to all these benefits, employees who exercise meet new people working out and develop new acquaintances and friendships. In fact, over a period of time, employees tend to look forward to exercise so that they can meet their partners in their exercise group. Regular exercise also improves the family relationships of the employee. Being physically fit, the employee can now take a walk with the family or a bike ride with children in child seats to spend quality time with the family.


So it can be seen that exercise for employee tends to improve health and the work ethics of the employee, instill self confidence and strengthen their family relationships. All this indirectly contributes to better work on the part of the employee and better productivity for the business.