If you are looking for a fast and effective way to design an training plan to meet your needs and you body’s style, then hiring a personal trainer might be the way to save yourself a lot of time and effort and help you cut right to the chase.  A personal trainer can also help you maintain and upgrade your routine over time so that you are getting the maximum effects of your workouts. 


A personal trainer is someone who understands your fitness goals, and is ready to work with you to meet those goals within the ability of your body to do so. Having a personal trainer means no more wasting time. You have someone to be accountable to for your workouts, too, so your personal trainer will help to keep you consistent.  This is a person that you can turn to for the latest health and fitness news, and someone who can encourage you to give it your all. 


Hiring a personal trainer can be a serious asset to your training routine, but only if your trainer is qualified and well educated in your medical history.  A good trainer should ask you plenty of questions about your medical history and any injuries or surgeries that might cause a problem down the road.  If your trainer does not ask about your health and previous problems, then you should start looking for another trainer. 


It is helpful if you know that your trainer has spent a good deal of time educating themselves about personal training.  Ask if he or she has a degree in: Exercise Science, Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology, Physical Education, or a degree in a related health and fitness field.  If they do hold a degree then you can at least be sure that they have the knowledge to perform at a competent level.  Your trainer should also be certified in CPR and first aid, and preferably will also have liability insurance. 


Make sure to ask your trainer questions like how long he or she has been training. Ask what kind of clients your trainer usually works with, and get recommendations from previous clients.  Check to see if your trainer is certified, and what kind of agency has done the certification. There is no national standard for personal trainers, so you need to check carefully to find out what the certification that your trainer holds requires.  The certification is usually best if done through a non-profit organization, but that is not a fail safe check.  Look to see if the certification requires an up-keep, and what that upkeep is.  Does your trainer have to be tested on his or her skills, or does he or she just have to mail a valid check?  You want the best of care when you are going to be pushing your body to the limits. 


If you are thinking that a trainer is not for you because you are not body building, then perhaps you should think again.  While personal trainers can certainly be enlisted by a body builder to help him or her “pump up”, a trainer should be able to meet the goals that you set for your own body (within reason).  If you are looking to lose weight, get healthier, or just tone some of your muscles, a personal trainer can tailor a workout to meet those goals and keep you on track.  Movie stars use personal trainers all the time to trim the right muscles and look great for their latest films.  You can find your own trainer to help you look great for your latest trip to the beach, that marathon you want to win, or even just for a healthier and longer life.