The benefits of martial arts – whether it is karate, kung fu or tae kwon do – is multi pronged. Of course, the obvious and most important aspect is self defense, the basic reason for which the martial arts has been developed. We all live in a potentially dangerous world, like it was perhaps a hundred years ago, and a few martial arts tricks up the sleeve could definitely provide you with the much needed ammunition, confidence, and security in the face of an attack or as a deterrent in a sticky situation. But, it must be understood that marital arts is not about just fighting. Even though, its basic design is to defend oneself, the real advantages of martial arts training spills beyond that, as a strength building exercise, of spirituality, of emotional control, and an effective cardiovascular exercise, as you will find out in the following paragraphs.


Martial arts training over a period of time contributes substantially towards improving one’s cardiovascular system alongside toning the muscular system. While, the callisthenic exercises might not be as useful as weight training in gyms, martial arts training is good enough to build overall fitness and a rejuvenated cardiovascular system. Another aspect that gets a big boost through martial arts training is the overall flexibility of the body and its joints. For example, high kicks used in tae kwon do and also in karate and kung fu go a long way to improving the stress ability and agility of the leg muscles.


Apart from the physical activities, there is a spiritual element involved in martial arts training that helps in improving one’s focus and a sense of self control. This is the reason why those who had undergone years of martial arts training exhibit better control over their emotions such as anger and fear than ordinary mortals. For some, rigorous martial arts exercises provide a rare inner pace, which could act as effective stress busters in this hectic world, where one’s life is unequally divided between work and family pressures and responsibilities.


Another big advantage of martial arts is that it exerts a positive influence on children, in their bodies as well as in their character formation. Martial arts help them in enhancing their confidence levels and also makes them disciplined and humble, one of the important traits a martial arts instructor imbibes on his/her disciples. In that respect, to reform kids with a bad attitude or behavior, martial arts training is a very effective tool. 


But, it must be realized that not all martial arts programs provide the assortment of benefits discussed in the earlier paragraphs. That depends upon the ability and expertise of the instructor, the duration of the course, and the participant’s attitude towards learning the essence of martial arts. That is, it is a combination of the right school and a receptive mindset towards learning that makes all the difference. Further, it is important that the participants regularly practice what is taught by the instructor at home over and over again. Then only way he/she can perfect the art and derive its benefits in its full form. Heard about the adage, practice makes perfect?