There are thousands of diets on the market today. However, it is not that anyone can start on a diet whenever required to do so. Different diets are made to suit different bodies; and this is the central topic of Julia Ross’s book – The Diet Cure. Julia Ross has years of experience as the executive director of a great eating and weight disorder clinic; and it is with this experience that she has written this book.


The highlight of the book – The Diet Cure – is that it provides lots of helpful background information that will help you in your dieting. You are also shown what to do and what not to do, so that you know exactly what has to be done to reduce your weight. Ross’s method works well with other hopeless disorders like alcoholism, allergies, mood swings and drug abuse.


Besides concentrating on helping you lose weight, this book, The Diet Cure also provides explanations about the different foods and nutrients available that help by reducing the amount of damage that your body has already sustained from previous health related abuse. You are also provided information on the right laboratory tests that have to be done to find out more about any condition you may be suffering from. The Diet Cure is highly recommended book that has 402 pages of interesting and useful information.


The Diet Cure is divided into three divisions – the first identifying the eight most prevalent imbalances in our lives, the second explaining the tactics to overcome these imbalances, and thirdly the Master Plan of the book where you are provided with dietary strategies, meal ideas, exercise and relaxation tips, recipes and professional service.


The first two sections are found in a span of eight chapters where each deals with each of the eight imbalances. The first section covers the identification of these imbalances and the second section covers the remedy for overcoming these imbalances. You also find a short questionnaire with 8 sections in the beginning of the book. Here you can decide which of these eight imbalances should be read first. These imbalances are basically depression, sleeping difficulties, weight problems, emotional distress, substance abuse, and medical or health conditions.


Julia Ross has related these imbalances very efficiently, while keeping a patient’s questions in mind on the problems they face, what the doctors tell and don’t tell them and what they feel. Everything is written very clearly so the reader will have all of his/her doubts cleared about dieting. There are no complicated explanations or visual diagrams, flowcharts, molecules or illustrations here. It is basically a simple and practical book where you can learn what to do and how to succeed in dieting.


On an overall, The Diet Cure is the best book for a person who is out of control with their health condition, diet and/or weight. Julia Ross has a great program that is both innovative and effective and is rightly emulated by other health care providers.