An A-Z Guide to Juicing



It is a known fact that raw food is good for your health. With raw food, the nutrients of food are not eliminated through cooking, and so upon eating raw food, it is possible to enjoy the maximum benefits the food offers. It may prove to be a little difficult to eat raw food just like that. And this is why Dr. Sandra Cabot gives ideas of different raw juices that can be consumed to improve your health in her book, Raw Juices Can Save Your Life: An A-Z Guide to Juicing.


Dr. Sandra Cabot states that the juices of raw vegetables and fruits have concentrated quantities of phyto-chemicals that have many healing properties. These juices also have antioxidants and living enzymes and vitamins that help keep you healthy. Raw vegetable and fruit juices also help you fight cancer and contain substances that help to reduce any inflammation and pain you may experience.


Raw juices also help you control other health problems like chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome and a fatty liver. If you have high blood pressure, asthma or weight problems, you can find many remedies in raw fruit and vegetable juices. Skin and hair problems, allergies and immune dysfunction and recurrent infections are all treated with the help of raw juices. Raw juices are also very useful in solving any digestive problems you have, in the treatment of arthritis, helping to cure migraines and headaches and provide help with allergies and immune dysfunction.


The book, Raw Juices Can Save Your Life, has 160 pages of health related information. In fact, it is the best book for anyone out there who wishes to experience the benefits of holistic healing in accordance with the alternative medicine revolution. On reading Raw Juices Can Save Your Life, you learn surprising things about your day to day food. Some of the points you learn about food may prove to be rather surprising like the fact that coconut is a great medicine for soothing sore throats. It is also interesting to learn that cabbage helps to stimulate hair growth while strawberries prove to be great skin cleansers.


Dr. Sandra Cabot has provided detailed instructions wherein you can produce the right juices that have restorative, disease fighting and pain relieving properties in them to help cure over 65 everyday ailments. Raw Juices Can Save Your Life has a great juice guide mentioning all the juices from A – Z. The handy table that is found in the book shows the healing properties of the various juices of different vegetables and fruits. So it can be said that Dr. Sandra Cabot’s Raw Juices Can Save Your Life is the perfect book to be adopted as an introduction to using natural foods to help improve overall health.