It is really surprising to learn that with a little butter or olive oil, and loads of garlic, one can sauté anything one wants to make one of the best dishes in the world. People tend to make dishes sautéing food like peppers, mushrooms, chicken, shrimp, etc. Practically everyone loves a dish with garlic in it for the beautiful aroma it produces, and the delicious taste it has.


However, besides the beautiful aroma and delicious taste that garlic gives, it is basically a herb that is known to have many medicinal values. It is not that everyone knows all the health implications that garlic offers. However, James F. Scheer, Lynn Allison and Charlie Fox know quite a bit about the various benefits garlic offers; and this is why they set about compiling the book, The Garlic Cure so that everyone will learn about it, and reap the benefits of garlic.


Garlic is an herb that is known to naturally help with health conditions that include allergies, cancer, colds, flu, arthritis, fatigue, high blood pressure, Candida Albicans, sore throat, high cholesterol, environmental and body toxins and homoysteine and sinus headaches. On reading the book, The Garlic Cure, you are sure to find many recipes that prove to be beneficial for you to reap the benefits of the herb garlic. There are altogether 139 recipes in this 222 page book for you to choose the best recipe in your household. With garlic in your diet, you and your family will live a longer, healthier and happier life wherein your immune system is super charged with the benefits of garlic.


You can be sure that all of the information in the book, The Garlic Cure, can be followed as it is a book written after lots of research and work on the part of the authors. James F. Scheer has more than 2000 articles to his credit, along with about 20 books centering on the areas of nutrition and health. Lynn Allison is a regular writer for the weekly food columns of newspapers and has over 30 books published to date. ‘Garlic Guru’ is what Charlie Fox is known as because he has given thousands of talks on the benefits of garlic against illnesses. Garlic has been use as a preventative cure for centuries. He has spoken in Singapore, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia and the United States.  


The Garlic Cure is a book that is not written as a health oriented book, but as a book that provides tons of information on the benefits of garlic, beautiful recipes to try out and even has a chapter that focuses on the benefits garlic offers for your pets. So the next time you want to make a delicious, but healthy dish, read The Garlic Cure and find out how to do so!