Exercise is a necessity in maintaining perfect health. Exercise focuses on exerting the body to burn off excess calories, build lean muscle mass and lose weight. In the olden days, exercise was not given any special attention, since the daily routine itself involved much strain. Throughout history little emphasis was placed upon exercise because the rigors of daily life was exercise in and of itself. Today however, with fewer jobs and activities requiring physical involvement exercise is a crucial part of the life as we lead these more lethargic lifestyles. Moreover, the present diet in the United States includes high calorific, fatty, canned foods and snacks. The excessive calories in these foods will accumulate in the body and increase the risk of dangerous diseases like cardiac arrest. Hence daily exercise is a necessity. However, exercise can become harmful to the body when practiced incorrectly.


Exercise must be a controlled exertion focusing the workout of certain parts. Those working out must have a basic knowledge about the impact of the steps that they are performing. The variables in the exercise such as the choice of exercise, the number of repeats, intensity of workouts, and the essential rest in between the repeats, must be clear for the exerciser, before he starts the exercise. Unfortunately, most of people do not know much about these details, and performing exercise without this knowledge can be dangerous. The incident rate of exercise related injuries is increasing daily. The real problem happens in exercise, when the person starts to perform the exercise incorrectly.


The minor incorrect exercises will not create much trouble and the only effect will be that they will not help for the expected results, but the incorrect exercises become serious, when the exerciser continues it for better results, unknowing the fact that it is incorrect. The primary impact of the repeated incorrect exercise will be the hurting of  body parts. As exercises are focused on muscles, incorrect exercise will mainly damage the musculoskeletal system including muscles, ligaments, tendons, and in extreme cases, bones too.


The severe incorrect practices will lead to over strains, which will bring out many physiological, psychological and biochemical changes. Some of the ill effects of incorrect exercise include an altered heart beat, chronic fatigue, menstrual complaints, gastrointestinal distress, sleep and eating disorders, a decreased rate of healing, sensitivity to stress, impaired immune function, depression, decreased ability to concentrate, decreased self esteem, and an increased occurrence of disease. The incorrect exercises become fatal when it effects the normal functioning of the metabolic system. The common metabolic alterations include increased basal metabolic rate, decreased muscle glycogen, decreased lactate response, negative nitrogen balance and hypothalamic dysfunction.


The retrieval from the impact of incorrect exercises will be easy if it is any minor complaints. The impact of incorrect exercise reminds us about the need for a secure option for exercise. The stopping of the exercise will be the best option to avoid the ill effects of incorrect exercises. But exercisers cannot help it if they are unaware. Hence it is always advised to perform the exercises with the help of a trainer. The risk in the use of unknown exercise equipments and getting injured can be avoided with the help of an experienced personal trainer. Apart from the exercise classes, you can avail the personal trainer also in your home gym.


Experts say that it is better to avoid exercise rather than doing it unknowingly. Exercises are always beneficial, but incorrect exercises are the culprits for ill effects. You must not abstain from exercise but rather adopt measures such as hiring a personal trainer to ensure that you are exercising safely.