The word sex usually brings to mind the physical intimacy a man and woman experience. It is thought that sex satisfies a person’s sexual cravings, and any sexual feelings one may have for another. However, in reality, sex has many more benefits than just lust, ejaculations and orgasms.


Sex has been proven to help you reduce weight, lower your cholesterol level, help you live a longer and younger life and improve your blood circulation. So how does it help reduce weight? Well, a pound of fat carries 3500 calories with it. Half an hour of sexual intercourse helps burn 150 calories. This is a considerable amount of calories when compared with other activities like yoga, that burns 114 calories in half an hour, walking that burns 153 calories while walking at 3 mph for half an hour and 130 calories for half an hour of hip hop dancing and weight training. So with regular sex for half an hour, 10 times a month, you stand to lose about six pounds a year. Not bad.


While having sex, other organs in your body and brain experience increased blood flow and your heart rate is increased along with deep breathing. With this, all the cells, organs and muscles in the body are filled with fresh oxygen and hormones. With this, used blood and waste products get removed which would have otherwise made you feel tired and even fall sick.


With sex, you will find that the cholesterol levels of your body will lower. In fact, sex tips your HDL/LDL cholesterol balance more to the healthier, HDL side. It has been reported that frequent sex helps to handle stress better with orgasms in women and ejaculations in men. This is because these are the moments you let go of yourself completely wherein you surrender yourself and thus feel relaxed. This is why many people sleep better after a round of lovemaking.


It is rather surprising to learn that sex also works as a pain reliever. People usually abstain from sex because of a headache; however, sex can be used to relieve headaches. With sex, oxytoxins are secreted and this in turn releases endorphins. With these natural opiates, you find a powerful analgesic in sex. Sex increases your pain threshold which in turn provides relief from pains due to arthritis, headaches and whiplash.


The oxytoxin levels in your body increases more than 3 to 5 times with arousal, and thus triggers an orgasm. Oxytoxin triggered orgasms bring about uterine contractions that are as powerful as child labor contractions. So these contractions can be used by women to relieve PMS and menstruation cramps.


With regular sex, you live longer and feel younger. This is because sexual excitement promotes DHEA hormones. This hormone is a strong chemical in the body that balances your immune system, helps keep your skin healthy, helps promote the growth of your bones and helps in maintaining and repairing the tissues in your body. Sex is also known to contribute to your cardiovascular health and act as an antidepressant.


Most men over the age of 50 have an enlarged prostrate, which is normal and safe. However, there is a chance of developing prostrate cancer which can be eliminated with regular sexual intercourse and frequent ejaculations. In fact, men who can delay ejaculation tend to tone the prostrate muscles to keep it healthy. This exercise of delaying ejaculation is called Kegel exercises which are also practiced by women. In women, Kegel exercises strengthen the urogenital tract, delays incontinence, sensitizes genital tissues and increases a woman’s orgasm intensity.


So it can be seen that sex is indeed a great health tool that is and should be enjoyed by everyone.