During the 1700s, kettlebells were actually utilized as counterweights for farm equipment used by the Russians. Farmers utilized them until they turned out to be a fitness tool. The popularity of the kettlebell spread like wildfire all throughout Russia. Kettlebells have been part of Russian culture since ancient times. Because of the fact that Russian people love to showcase their physical strength, being the strongest man became an honor for them. Strength contests were held in almost all towns and villages. The winners of these contests were called Bogatir. Bogatirs were referred as the honorable and strong men.

By that era, kettlebells were still not officially regarded as a true sport. It was basically a form of entertainment. Russian strongmen would just showcase their kettlebell abilities in different city festivities. This showcase of kettlebell abilities is a form of presenting and comparing different strongmen’s strength, coordination and endurance. Kettlebell contests were constant components of different social gatherings in Russia.

When World War II ended, weight lifting became so famous in Russia. People became more enthused with Olympic weight lifting. Russians became motivated to win, get titles, and be masters of their own sports. The sad thing about it is that Kettlebell can’t offer that because it has not been regarded as a sport. Despite of this, many residents from the villages still practiced with kettlebells. The villagers, fisher men, military and farmers still continued to use kettlebells. It continued to be used in contest.  By the 1970s, kettlebells were officially recognized by the United All State Sport Association of USSR even though it still did not have the official set of rules and standards. By 1985, an official committee for kettlebell sport was finally organized. By November of that year, the very first National Championship of USSR took place in Lipetsk, Russia.

After fifteen years, Kettlebells were officially introduced to America for the very first time. By 2002, the Kettlebell training craze hit the country by storm. Until today, it remains as one of the hottest training workouts and highly regarded as one of the most effective. Kettlebell experts such as Steve Cotter and Ken Blackburn continue to help people with this type of full-body workout. Kettlebells have definitely transformed through the centuries and the best thing about it is that it still provides benefits for the people of today.

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