Milk is something that everybody consumes from birth; it is in fact the first form of food that you consume. However, though it has always been thought that milk is a great and important food source, that promotes strong bones and is a great source of calcium, it has been proven otherwise recently, and that is the premise of The Milk Book. The Milk Book was written by medical maverick, William Campbell Douglass. Mr. Douglass is basically interested in improving patient health as much as possible, and this is what he has kept in mind, and attained in his book. What he has disclosed and informed the public about with his book is the remarkable benefits, as well as the perils that milk offers.


William Campbell Douglass has managed to cover practically every conceivable point of view about milk in his. He has also provided some interesting information on medical milk therapies, for those interested in learning all about it. In addition to all of this information about milk, William Campbell Douglass also provides information on what you can actually find in the ice cream that you eat. It is a known fact that ice cream is made from milk; however, it is not known what type of milk is used to manufacture ice cream. In fact, you will also learn how it is possible to find out if the milk that you are buying at the store is contaminated after reading The Milk Book. This is very valuable and important information for you, as there have been many times where the milk used in making ice cream was actually contaminated and unsafe milk.


According to William Campbell Douglass, most parents are all of the assumption that it is important that a child is given about a quart of milk everyday. People who don’t actually feed their kids as much milk usually consider themselves guilty of improper nutrition. However, there are some nutritionists, government agencies, medical organizations and doctors that warn about the dangers found in milk and milk products like fat and cholesterol. In fact, William Campbell Douglass claims that milk today is accused of being the main cause of many health conditions including allergies and osteoporosis.


William Campbell Douglass has managed to keep the debate of raw milk versus pasteurized milk very much alive in his book. He points out that it is American milk, that has removed all of the essential nutrients through pasteurization that is actually the problem maker. This is because with pasteurization, all of the enzymes that are needed for digestion and assimilation are removed. This in turn, makes proteins less available and tends to create vitamin loss. With pasteurization, friendly bacteria are destroyed while pathogenic bacteria tend to proliferate. In addition to all of this, a place where milk is pasteurized seldom has any herd inspections, nor are any employee health inspections carried out. With The Milk Book, you actually get to learn the true story that lies behind the "healthy" milk that you drink everyday.

All of the 276 pages of the book, The Milk Book are a great masterpiece that is meant for both people who drink and do not drink milk, and while the book has a vast amount of information about the benefits and dangers of milk it also contains an eloquent form of prose that is sure to keep you laughing out loud at times, while at other times sure to make your jaw drop in surprise at the information provided here.