Depression is something that nearly everyone experiences at some point in their life. There are numerous reasons why one might experience depression – the death of a loved one, stress, financial problems, hormonal imbalances and many other reasons. In an effort to educate the masses about the reasons and the possible cures for depression, Julia Ross set about writing the book – The Mood Cure.


Today, The Mood Cure is one of the best books on depression available. Being one of the pioneers of nutritional psychology, Ross has supplied lots of interesting information on how it is possible to rectify anxiety which is one of the main causes of depression. With the right treatment of depression and hormonal imbalances, Ross gives pointers to help treat depression. Most importantly, Julia Ross describes the eating addictions which lead to depression, which can be treated with nutritional therapy and biochemical rebalancing.  


It is through the identification of one’s false moods in throughout life that Ross describes how it is possible to treat depression. Once the false moods are identified, Ross provides the needed instructions to attain recovery from depression. In The Mood Cure, Julia Ross points out how important it is to eliminate the foods that tend to sabotage your health, and your mood. With the information she provides on why these foods tend to sabotage you see the importance of eliminating these foods.


Ross also provides information on some great recipes in The Mood Cure, with which you find it easier to make dietary changes, so that you can recover from depression. To help you test yourself, and rebalance your body to your food addictions, Ross has provided numerous ‘tool kits’ which you can use to recover from depression. These tool kits are also very effective in helping you solve your adrenal, thyroid and other hormonal problems in the fight against depression.


The highlight of Ross’s treatment lies in the amino acid therapy against depression. The main reason her amino acid therapy works is because the present American diet has a deficit of amino acids. And with the addition of this additional amino acid in the diet, it is possible for one to slowly rid oneself from depression. According to Ross’s amino acid therapy, it is possible to rid oneself from depression after several months, or a year of the therapy.


The Mood Cure is indeed an excellent book for both patients and practitioners in the fight against depression. This is a book that is indeed worth reading if you are one of those people who have been fighting depression with the help of anti-depressants and psychology sessions for quite some time now.