Many people did not become aware of this extraordinary book’s existence until Oprah featured it on an episode of her talk show, but upon seeing that episode, people were snatching up copies of the book so quickly that many shelves become bare merely seconds after retailers set the books out.


The Secret, written by Rhonda Byrne of Australia, even made into the top tier of the Best Sellers list. The book is actually a result of the author perceiving that her life was completely out of control the year prior to the writing of the book, and her personal quest to discover the reasons why, and finding the solutions for regaining control over her life so that she could have the life that she had always dreamed for herself.


She read stacks of books in search of why her life was seemingly spinning in directions she did not want and generating negative consequences that were not only taking her further and further away from her life goals, but also seriously dampening her spirit and zest for life.


What she found in all those books, some recent, others written long ago, were common truths that had stood the test of time, had been repeated in various ways in all of these books, had been understood and followed by some of the most successful people of our time and times past, and yet these truths had eluded her consciousness before this turning point in her life. However she is not alone in having been unconscious to these "life" truths. Many of us have been just as unconscious as she, before this talented writer decided to chronicle her awakening to the truths of life for others to learn and benefit from.


The truths about how to obtain what we desire is in our own hands. The truths about how to find a rewarding career, how to attract love into your life, how to build wealth, how to lose weight, how to become healthy, and how to make your life your own, are all within your control. You control the directional flow of your life, whether you choose to do it consciously or unconsciously.


Everything in our universe, including our very existence is powered by energy. In school we learned that energy contains both negative and positive ions that behave as attractants to like attractants. Life is energy and this energy has a natural flow to it. When your thoughts are in line with this natural flow of life, you attract positive energies into your life. Think positively about wealth, love, and success and you will attract it into your life. Think of these things negatively and you will also attract them into your life, but you will be attracting the negatives of these into your life.


What this means in the simplest of terms is that you are the driving force behind your life. You and only you have the power to either bring good or bad things into your life. And you begin the drive through your life with your mind, and how you allow yourself to think about everything.  



The Secret, as written by Rhonda Byrne, includes a controversial twist to the truths presented in the book that has rubbed many religious and not so religious people the wrong way. The controversy arises from Byrne suggesting we are our own God, thus implying we have the same power and status as the entity known as God, a higher power believed to be the one true God in existence. It was perhaps not the best choice to use the term God when presenting the concept that we are responsible for how life happens to us, but I do not think the intent was to offend the religious beliefs of anyone.


How you interpret the information presented in this book is entirely up to you and that is really the whole concept behind the book. You determine what will be in your life. I sincerely hope that you are determined to make your life the absolute best that it can be, because you deserve it.