The Structure House is a residential weight loss facility based in Durham, North Carolina, established in 1977 and run by the famous obesity expert, Dr. Gerard Musante. In 30 years it has helped more than 30,000 people to shed their excess weight, achieving the figure of their dreams. I am sure that you’re wondering how the Structure House can help you, well for several thousand dollars and a stay in Durham, Dr. Musante can help, however most people don’t have the time or money to commit themselves into the Structure House program, but, luckily after thirty, long years, it appears that Dr. Gerard Musante has decided to reach out to the masses by publishing his innovative methods, ideas, and tips in the book, The Structure House Weight Loss Plan.


According to Dr. Gerard Musante, the source of obesity is uncontrolled eating, but the reasons for that can be due to several different kinds of behaviors, such as poor food choices, stress, or even boredom. It is this aspect, the underlying causes of over eating, that most other weight loss programs do not bother to address. By following these other programs, the dieter may lose weight within a few weeks, but, once the person stops the stringent diet plan, he/she again gains back the weight, thanks to his/her inherent eating pattern or social behaviors that is still remain intact.


The Structure House weight loss plan tries to address this issue by combining a nutritious diet with a strict workout regimen combined with psychology, thereby entirely restructuring the faulty eating habits and lifestyles from the inside out, in a systematic way. In other words, the Structure House plan teaches its clients to recognize and neutralize the food triggers leading to unhealthy eating and to completely uproot the habit of eating, for any other purpose than for  nutritional purposes and fuel for energy. Once the person learns to make the right choices regarding his/her food, their obesity problems automatically diminish, permanently. Now, with Dr. Gerard Musante’s book The Structure House Weight Loss Plan available in bookstores near you, readers can implement his weight loss secrets within his/her own life without having to stay at the Structure House in North Carolina, and spend thousands of dollars on sessions.


If to take a quick glimpse through the pages of The Structure House Weight Loss Plan, you will discover that it tries to educate the reader on how to plan a nutritious diet, with three meals a day, in the proper portion size so as to meet his/her nutritional requirements and to maintain a healthy weight, in three carefully organized sections, titled, "Get Structured", "Be Structured" and "Stay Structured" respectively, in the most comprehensible of literary styles.


In the first section, "Get Structured" the book teaches the reader to identify the eating behaviors in oneself, whether it is rooted in boredom, habit, or psychological issues such as stress, and subsequently change it in a systematic manner; analyze the attitude of people around you towards food in general; and how to pack your refrigerator with the right food items. In "Be Structured" the focus is on meal planning, food preparation, and the correct way to go grocery shopping. The chapter also spends several pages detailing proper workouts that one must do while on this diet plan. Finally, in the third section, "Stay Structured" the doctor talks about all of the secret lifestyle changes that will successfully help keep the weight off for good.


By following the book, The Structure House Weight Loss Plan Dr. Musante promises, that you will gain control of your food, and not let your food gain control of you.