1.  Document your goals and reasons for setting those goals to remind you on low motivation days as to why you 

     are trying to reach these goals. It will be harder for you to find excuses for dismissing your goals when the

     reasons you have them are on your desk, at the dinner table, or taped to the bathroom mirror.


2.  Create a collage or vision board of your goals. A visual reminder will help you envision your goals.


3.  Set reachable goals. Unrealistic goals will never be reached and this only eats away at your self-esteem when you

     fail to reach your goals.


4.  Write down the steps you need to take to get to your goals and mark them off as you complete each step. Seeing

      the steps you have already completed is a great motivator to keep going.


5.  Set clear dates of when you want to reach goals and track your progress all along the way so that you are aware

     of  whether you need to step it up or not as the date approaches.


6.  Do not give up if you miss meeting your goals on the dates you specified. Figure out why you have not reached

     your goals, reset the dates for reaching them and get back to taking the steps needed to achieve your goals.


7.  Reward yourself for meeting small or interim goals on your way to reaching big goals. Knowing that a reward is

     just ahead is a great motivator to keep moving forward.


8.  Build a support system of like minded people who are also striving to meet individual goals. The goals do not

     have to be the same, just the desire to keep reaching for them has to be present in the people you surround

     yourself with and look to for support.


9.  Join an online motivational group for an additional support system that can help you to stay motivated. Be open to

     the suggestions of what others use to keep themselves motivated, and if a daily or weekly newsletter is available 

     through email, sign up to receive useful tips and suggestions for staying motivated.


10.  Read motivational books and write down or make copies of motivational statements or strategies you find



11. Listen to motivational tapes and follow their recommendations for staying motivated.


12. Attend motivational conferences where you can pick up a lot of helpful information and techniques for staying



13. Learn to breathe the right way. This keeps your head clear, your body working and feeling its best, and your

      focus on your goals and your motivation level strong.


14. Eat a healthy diet, exercise and get a proper night’s rest. A healthy body helps you to stay more motivated to

      continue reaching for goals than a body that is a drain on all of your physical and mental energies.


15. Have a positive attitude and use positive self talk to keep yourself motivated. Always remember that being

      negative and using negative talk with yourself is not a good method for fostering long term motivation or for your

      level of happiness either.


16. Constantly remind yourself that progress not perfection is what you are seeking through the goals you have set.

      This simple reminder is a great motivator when it seems that you will never be able to really reach the goals you

      have in mind.


17. Hire a motivational coach to help you stay motivated. This is a worthwhile expense in comparison to the wasted

      money we spend on frivolous things we do not need and that we can not use over and over again.


18. Do not let your motivation dwindle while doing nothing to stop this from happening. It is easier to build on

      motivation when some is still present. When you sense that your motivation is waning, get busy doing something

      to regain your full motivation.


Keep this tip sheet handy to help you stay motivated and reach the goals you have set for yourself.