How would you like to learn how to drop those stubborn 5-15lbs that seem impossible to get rid of? I get it – you work so hard in the gym and eat healthy, yet nothing seems to work. I hear this from both men and women and have found the two biggest issues they’re doing wrong.

In order to drop those last few pounds that seem to hang on the body, most people think you have to: get a tummy tuck, lipo, go on an extreme diet, take crazy supplements, starve yourself or do hours and hours worth of cardio. None of which are very simple, easy, or inexpensive.

When you target these problem areas through fitness – it’s actually fairly simple and easy if you’re willing to take the necessary steps.

There’s really only 2 reasons your not reaching your goals.

Reason #1:

Your workout program isn’t designed to drop the last few lbs. Most people go to the gym with no game plan and they lift this or that. They don’t consider what macro or meso cycles are when it comes to their lifting program. They also don’t understand how to prioritize their lifting program to get the most out of each workout, week,  or month to reach ultimate goal. Using the wrong muscles to lift, amount of sets and reps, tempo, or cardio can actually destroy muscle tissue or diminish their results. The goal is great, but the method is flawed.

Just think: If my goal is to drive to California, I can just hop on the freeway headed west, right? WRONG! I’m doing everything it takes to get to Cali, but I’m missing the 1 most important aspect. An educated PLAN. This is a lot like people in the gym who sweat, lift heavy weights, grunt, etc. But without a real plan, it’s an incredibly inefficient and ineffective method of making progress.

Reason #2:

Eating Plan: This is one of the most crucial aspects to maximum success when it comes to slimming, tightening, and achieving your ideal body.  To drop those last 5-15lbs and to keep it off requires to you to get far more scientific and precise with when you eat, what you eat, and how many macros (protein, carbs, and fats) you need. Yes, if you’re genetically blessed like a lot of fitness models or you’re taking a lot of “supplements  – legal or illegal” this article isn’t for you. But if you’re like the majority of us, it requires you to not only be strict, eat 5-6 meals or more per day; it requires you to really dial in your nutrition to drop those last few lbs and totally transform your body into a nice lean one. I know it might sound difficult to do – just like anything it takes some changes and work. It’s really not that hard if you’re willing to replace some foods with others.

You can’t just ignore what you’re eating and expect massive results.

No, you don’t have to give up your favorite foods, desserts, or occasional wine. However, you do have to make adjustments to your lifestyle. Due to genetics, environmental factors, or how well or poor someone has treated their body, this change will be larger for some than others.

Also keep in mind that this level of a program isn’t as necessary if you have a lot of weight to lose. But it will certainly faster when you have a lot of excess weight. You can get away with just the basics initially.

If you want to drop those last few inches that seems impossible, then this is the answer to your troubles. Do what I listed above and you will be on the road to dropping all your stubborn fat and keeping it off forever.



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Thank you, Scott