When it comes to a healthy lifestyle for kids it can be much different than for adults. Children’s bones are still growing, but with supervision youth resistance training can help prevent injuries and prepare kids to continue a healthy lifestyle as they get older.

Make sure the kids are enjoying it! Make sure who ever is supervising the children is enthusiastic and allowing the kids to have fun.  Boosting the child’s self confidence will help in their strength training.

I can not stress enough the importance of proper coaching!! To avoid high risk injury make sure the strength training activity is age appropriate. The majority of injuries occur due to improper training techniques or overly aggressive training loads. Weight lifting for youth is not more of a risk than youth sports considering the child is appropriately progressing from basic exercises.

Training doesn’t stunt growth or damage bones!

Under the age of 13 avoid exercises at home that don’t allow proper supervision!

Start your children off to a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition!