Marathon is definitely a challenging goal as it requires lots of hard work, stamina and will power. Pattern for marathon training differs from person to person and depends on lots of factor like energy, goal, stamina, time available and others. Since marathon training involves lots and lots of running, majority of people prefer running outdoors. But in case if outdoor running or exercising is not possible due to weather conditions or other reasons then treadmill and elliptical workout also proves to be a good option. Running indoors on treadmill and improving cardiovascular activity on elliptical will surely help you with your marathon training. Below given is more information as to how treadmill and elliptical can be used for marathon training.

Use of treadmill for marathon training:

Besides being one of the best alternatives to outdoor running, treadmill is a good choice for marathon training as it helps you to focus on the form of your running which is not possible outdoors.  Since running on treadmill does not offer diversification of muscle response like the one we get while running on different trails, the best way to make most of the workout is by increasing the incline. Moreover there are many treadmill workouts like tempo training, hill training and others that improve the marathon training.  Lack of variety and controlled environment may be few issues associated with treadmill marathon training but there is a decent list of benefits associated as well and some of the major ones are given below.

  • Offer training in safe and convenient environment
  • Offers consistent pace for tempo and intervals
  • Helps to focus on form and heart rate control
  • There are various machines like horizon treadmill that comes with media option to keep your training sessions enjoyable.


Use of elliptical for marathon training:

Besides running, marathon training also involves lots of stamina, power, speed and toning of muscles and it is in these areas where role of elliptical machines can be considered.  Moreover elliptical machines also helps with running and that too without putting too much stress on your knee and joints. Thus it can be summarized that elliptical machines helps you to prepare for the race and also helps to prevent injuries during and after the race.  Regular use of elliptical enables you to add variety to your muscles and thus prevent their wear and tear. Moreover the weak muscles can be worked out over a period of time.  By changing the resistance and incline of your elliptical machine you can make your workout more challenging and thus further improve your cardiovascular and muscle activities. Elliptical machine also helps you to have better posture while running and thus the muscles of the stomach and back are trained so as to have strong and tall posture which is definitely a plus point for marathon training.  Majority of the elliptical machine these days have option of adjustable stride length which gives you the freedom to practice and maximize the length.  Thus it is advisable to check fitness equipment source so that you get a machine as per your requirement.