Exercise is something not only adults need to do, but children as well. With exercise, the joints of adults and children maintain flexibility, muscles grow strong and they adapt a strong sense of endurance which is needed throughout their lives. Today, school work, home work and chores all seem to take most of a child’s time during the day. In fact, there is hardly any time to play; however, it is important to stop this and incorporate some exercise through playtime for the child. Doctors say that keeping children from playing only causes trouble; and this is partly the cause for the rise in ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). It is necessary for children to have some exercise to burn off energy; without having much interference from an adult, and while burning energy, exercise helps in fighting against obesity in children.


It is a known fact that just an hour of exercise a day can change the health of a child for the better; not only in their childhood but also throughout their adult lives. Once they develop a habit of an hour of exercise everyday, this habit will be carried over to their adulthood which proves to be very beneficial. To many adults, exercising is difficult because of insufficient time and just sheer laziness. However, if exercise is cultivated from childhood, they don’t find it as an intrusion to their daily schedule.


Children, who exercise, have higher endurance levels. They can play actively for an hour or two without actually feeling exhausted. It is not necessary that the exercise programs they follow need to be the exercise routines done in gyms; playing itself if a form of exercise. Running around after friends and pets, riding bicycles, climbing trees and other things like stomping in mud puddles are all activities children enjoy doing, and doing these things for an hour or more a day is sufficient to make them strong both mentally and physically.


With exercise in their daily routine, children will stay/become fit; they tend to sleep more soundly and awaken feeling refreshed; mental activities like puzzles become easier to them. Children who exercise feel that they are always filled with energy. With exercise, the child not only develops a healthy body, but also a healthy mind, wherein they learn to interact with others.


Children playing together learn the art of reading other children’s body language. With this, they can handle disagreements and arguments better and help resolve issues. Children learn to interact politely amongst themselves and these lessons last a lifetime. School is a great place for children to exercise and play together; however, in such situations, teachers usually interfere when troubles occur. Actually, it is better to let children solve complications on their own without any interference from adults.


One of the best forms of exercise in a child’s life is organized sports. While playing soccer, flag football and baseball, the child is taught to stay in shape. Moreover, such games teach children many important lessons in life like sharing, teamwork and resolving anger amongst themselves and others. With these qualities incorporated within themselves, these children develop into respectable and polite adults.


Though adults may feel like setting limits in exercise for a child, it is better to let the child decide him or herself when it is enough. This is because it is better if the child can set limits from an early age and in the process, set manageable limits. So make sure that your child has his or her share of exercise everyday. With exercise, the child learns and develops valuable skills that last a lifetime.