There are people who become defensive when the subject of genetically-modified foods comes up. Some believe that it’s wrong to genetically “modify” natural foods such as fruits and vegetables. But if you think about it, much of what we eat has been modified in some way before it reaches our local grocery. How about all of the things added to the astronomically-high amounts of “processed” foods (cereals, pastas, breads, meats, and cheeses) found in the typical American diet today? Some of which consumers don’t even know is being added to the food they eat, or for what purpose.


Genetically-modified foods provide our bodies with significantly more of the vitamins and minerals we need for our internal systems to function at its finest: which allows us to experience a higher degree of health. Genetically-modified foods also contain more of the anti-oxidants needed for added protection against cancers and other diseases. Significantly increasing these healthy ingredients is behind the concept of genetically-modified food which “burst” onto the scene in the 1990’s.


It is most unfortunate that genetically-modified foods made their appearance around the time that scientists were making “new” genetic “discoveries” and were conducting genetic experiments that served to cause quite a lot of controversy around the world such as the cloning of sheep. The rumor-mill as so often is the case: was filled with “wild untruths” that human-cloning was what was really taking place. This created a lot of fear and disdain for anything that is genetically “altered” and keeps some people from enjoying the benefits of genetically-modified foods. But many people have taken the time to look beyond what the gossip-mongers would have us believe about genetically-modified food and are now enjoying better health and longer lives by consuming foods that have been genetically modified for the better.


The focus of genetically-modified food isn’t restricted to just helping individual foods contain more of the vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants we need to improve our bodies health. The focus too is on how introducing such things as vaccines against the diseases that cripple and kill into our food could help us to live longer and better.


Genetically-modified foods help to keep us healthier and living better in other ways as well. And most of us are unaware of just how helpful genetically-modified foods are to us and our environment. Genetically-modified food crops are less harsh on the soil in which they are grown than many crops that are not modified. Genetically-modified crops have even been shown to be more resistant to the insects that devour and destroy crops. This means that farmers don’t need to use the poisonous insecticides that can cause harm to humans, domestic and wild animals, and the environment just to protect their crops. The world as a whole benefits from less use of these toxic chemicals.


As more and more people become concerned with improving their health and prolonging their lives, they continue to look closely at ways that can help them to do this. Many people today are enjoying the many benefits of genetically-modified food and are living healthier and longer lives because of it. As new developments in genetically-modified foods become available, the health and longevity of people’s lives will only be made that much better! 


Get on over to the store now to fill your shopping cart with  genetically-modified foods and you’ll be walking out of the store with some of the best “ingredients” for a longer and healthier life for you and for your family. Don’t let the misleading information about genetically-modified foods, (generated by those who “cherish” creating controversy) keep you and your family from having healthier, longer, and better lives.