There are so many reasons why proper form and posture are important when you are working out. Most exercise professionals won’t even let clients begin an exercise routine without learning about the basic form for each particular exercise. This is a good thing, since incorrect form and posture can lead to aches, pains and serious injuries!


Some of the reasons why proper form and posture are important when you are working out are:



a.    Good form and posture put your body in the correct alignment. Believe it or not, your body has natural safety features built in! Standing and sitting in the correct form takes full advantage of your body’s natural safety features and the body’s natural leverage.

b.    Good form and posture helps you to avoid injuries, pulls and strains. (If you have experienced an injury in the past due to incorrect form, you know just how painful it can be!) Your body, from the time it is born, is built to avoid injury and works at all times to not hurt itself. However, to work properly, the correct form and posture must be maintained – especially during exercise. You work out to benefit your health and your body, not to injure it!

         Time efficiency

a.    No one wants to waste time! They want to make the most of every moment they are working out. Therefore, using proper form and posture is beneficial since it allows you to target the exact muscle groups you wish to give a workout. When you use incorrect form and posture, you may end up working out peripheral muscle groups that you had no real desire or need to work on instead of those you are targeting.

b.    Since most personal trainers and exercise specialists won’t allow clients to work out seriously until form and posture are correct, a lot of time will be lost and money spent on getting it correct instead of actually doing the more beneficial exercising.

         Confidence in your activities

a.    Think of every other aspect of your life:

                                                             i.      At work, when you know what you are doing, you are confident in your abilities and feel good about yourself.

                                                          ii.      At home, when you complete a chore or family project and you do it well, you are proud of yourself which leads to more confidence in your abilities.

The same thing can be said for a work out! When you have correct form and posture, you will know you are doing your exercise routine right! This will lead to confidence that you are doing just what your body needs. Not only that, but you will look great as you do it!


Some common mistakes with form and posture when you are working out are:


1.    Slouching – stand up straight when you are doing upright exercise. Your shoulders should be back and your tummy should be held in tight. Your head should be up straight, not thrown forward.

2.    Leaning on the rails of exercise equipment – never lean when doing a work out. This puts extra strain on your back, shoulders, and neck. Make sure you are standing correctly, as stated in number one, even when there are railings.

3.    Trying to lift too much weight – Have someone check your form when doing any kind of weight training. Work with less weight at a slow pace until you get the correct form and posture every time.


The benefits of using proper form and posture when working out will show after only a few work outs. You will be standing taller, looking and feeling better, and confident that you are doing something beneficial for your body.