Why can’t the 750lb people get thin? Well, in most cases, it is because they simply don’t try enough to shed those extra pounds around the waist. To all of you poor souls, who are victims of obesity, it must be understood in the first place that the extra fat you have earned over the years will not go away that easily, unless you embrace a balanced food regimen and do lots of working out to backup the diet plan. Losing fat is not a milestone that can be achieved by starving oneself, but it must be done through controlled eating, which means a more balanced diet. If you starve yourself, you’ll definitely lose weight, but it will have other repercussions on the body. Don’t you want to live, rather than dying due to starvation?


When talking about balanced diets, avoid those food items that are rich in fat, and substitute the deducted ones with fruits and organic vegetables. Juicing vegetables and fruits is also a good option, since each glass of fruit or vegetable juice would amount to much more than the quantity of raw food one could eat at a time, orally by chewing. Further, since raw foods do not taste so great inside the mouth, most of us will be reluctant to eat more vegetables if given a chance. Juicing circumvents this reluctance effectively. As some wise person once mentioned, since all of us have a reluctant child hidden under our skins, such children specific techniques might work sometimes with phenomenal results.


One more thing – before embarking on a diet program, ensure that the body of the person concerned is detoxed and is cleared of all toxins and wastes. Only then does the body respond effectively to a new diet. There is no point in providing nourishment to an overflowing dumpster.


Now, having managed to etch out a diet program as the first step towards shedding extra pounds, it is time to plan a suitable workout regimen to backup the diet plan. But, for those 750lb personalities, it could be one of the more intimidating jobs to contemplate since they are already struggling even to walk or sit properly. Naturally, they will be reluctant to take to exercising all at once. Another road block for devising a workout plan is that for these heavy bodied people, normal workout sessions available in a gymnasium may not be suitable. So what to do?


This dilemma is usually solved by adopting a step by step approach in which the workout starts with milder exercises such as lifting small weights while letting the person remain in bed, and gradually increasing its intensity and scope as the person loses weight and gains better fitness. It is important that one performs these workout sessions under the careful eyes of a fitness trainer for any flawed step anywhere could lead to injuries, thus wiping out in one stroke all of the fitness benefits gained in the days that have passed. That will be the last thing anybody would expect to happen while actively involved in a weight loss drive!


Finally, once having managed to regain the long lost shape and fitness, make sure that it is not squandered yet again through unbridled eating habits and lack of exercise. Remember, it is very easy to gain weight, but many times difficult to reclaim lost fitness levels. Hence, from an individualistic level, show better discretion and common sense. After all, it is your body.