The same as it is for many things in life, not all exercise is created equal. Some forms of exercise benefit only a portion of the body, while others such as: Olympic lifting, and weight-training offer whole-body benefits.


Cardio-exercise for example is very good for the health and proper working condition of your cardiac systems (chiefly your heart) and of course there is a benefit to this form of exercise. A heart that isn’t fit and healthy will lead to a shortened life span.


However, for those people who are in search of forms of exercise to aid with fat-burning, and weight loss, are better served by such exercise as weight training.


Why is weight-training a better choice for fat loss and weight reducing? Because weight-training builds muscles, and strong muscle mass is needed to achieve long lasting fat loss and weight reduction.


What do muscles have to do with fat loss? Do they “chew-up” and “spit” fat out or something? And doesn’t muscle-building actually cause you to weigh more and your body to appear even larger?


Muscles don’t do the chewing and the getting rid of fat, but they do assist, by way of providing the energy that your metabolism (your fat-chomping machine) needs to burn-up fat quickly. Muscles accelerate the fat-eliminating capacity of the metabolism causing rapid fat loss, weight reduction, and improved health.


It is true that muscles “weigh” more than fat and so when you begin a weight-training routine, may experience an initial weight gain. Fear not, as more fat loss occurs, your body weight will re-adjust its weight. You can also afford to weigh more if that weight is from muscle instead of fat. Weight from muscle does not lead to the disastrous medical conditions and diseases that having too much weight from fat does. As you continue with your weight-training you will gain muscle and your body may appear larger to you and others. But consider that “beauty” and “attraction” of well-defined muscles before shying away from this form of exercise because your afraid you’ll get too big. Keep in mind too, that the monstrous-sized bulk of professional bodybuilders are the result of higher levels of weight training and other things not common to regular weight-training exercise routines.


Weight-training is simply an amazing fat loss tool that is available for those who want to lose fat and gain health. Weight-training is a complete workout for the body, for your complete health. Weight-training also helps your newly developing muscles to obtain shape, definition, and tone, for the “chiseled and fit” physique you desire.


If you’ve been searching for the best form of exercise for the acceleration of fat loss, weight-training is the exercise that can get the job done! That is not to say that other forms of exercise don’t have a useful purpose, or benefit in the pursuit, and maintenance of high- levels of fitness and health. As was stated in the opening, different exercise benefits, different areas of the body, and some even offer benefit to the whole body. ALL forms of exercise should be evaluated for their possible benefits as “agents” to help you in achieving the levels of fitness and health you desire. But if you’re specifically looking for a way to lose fat, then weight-training is the answer for fat loss.