Surely you have noticed that men, who are fit, draw much more attention from women than those men who are not fit. Spend some time in a gym, or watch the interactions of women with fit men anywhere, even on the street, should you have any doubts about how true the statement that fit men draw more attention from women than unfit men do. Then come back here and continue reading this article to learn more about why women are so attracted to fit men.


The attraction between men and women is actually instinctual by nature. The instinct to join together with the strongest and fittest is in our genes, passed down to us from the early humans who struggled for daily survival. These early humans learned that by aligning themselves with the fittest among them, meant better odds of survival for each. This also meant that procreation could take place ensuring the continuance of human lineage, and with time, this knowledge was incorporated into the genes passed from one generation of related humans to another generation.


The women of today are so attracted to fit men because fitness signals that a man cares about his health, and fit men give off other signals that women find very attractive. Women want to be closer to men they feel offer them protection from the people and things that can hurt them. Fit men can offer physical strength to overcome the harmful obstacles that might otherwise cause serious harm to a woman. Women find the obvious physical prowess that fit men possess very attractive. Fitness is said to signal the high virility and sexual abilities of men. It is true that the fitter you are, the better your sexual experiences are. Being fit provides a man with the stamina he needs to fully satisfy his partner and also increases his own sexual pleasure. If you need motivation to begin exercising to become fitter, learn more about how your fitness level affects your sexual performance and pleasure.


Women are also attracted to fit men because their fitness level also signals the existence of character traits and abilities that are very attractive such as, determination, dedication, goal setting, working hard, and achieving success. If a man takes the time to get fit and then keep fit, this is usually a signal of how he goes about everything else, including his work and personal life. Having these traits as well as being fit puts men at the head of the pack in careers, and their earning potential is much greater. This displays financial health which is very attractive to women, and it can also signal financial security to a woman considering marriage. Financial security is an important concern to many women.


Women are attracted to fit men because fit men enjoy better health and are more active as they age. Women want to be with men who are fit because there is less chance of them developing the serious health conditions that so often cause early deaths, and a woman wants a man who is as active and as ready for adventure as she is.


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