9 Top reasons why you may not be losing fat!

1. You don’t exercise: Duh if your ass doesn’t move it typically will get bigger, so Move it to lose it.

2. You don’t push yourself hard enough when you exercise: yes you should break a sweat even

3. You don’t know how to exercise correctly: This one cracks me up, hell if you didn’t know how to do your taxes or fix your car what do you do.. Hire a professional? If professional athletes hire trainers, don’t you think you should too considering they workout for a living and still need the help of a professional in the field of exercise. You don’t think celebrities work out themselves do you?

4. You don’t eat 5+ meals a day: I’m sorry you may hate it though the research still states the more meals you eat you burn more calories and more fat all day long. It even says if you eat 10-14 meals it’s even better.

5. You don’t sleep 7-8 hrs each night: Studies link obesity to sleep issues. Our bodies need rest and down time so they can recover sleep.

6. You don’t poop once a day and don’t poop a total of about 12 inches per day. Removing waste from your body is essential otherwise you will become waste and be sick and un healthy.

7. You are Starving yourself or have in the past: no lame weight watcher, jenny Craig, Slim Fast, or many more to come diets have every worked long term and been healthy for anyone. You must eat healthy nourishing foods otherwise you will feel like crap and look like it too.

8. Don’t Over Stress: Stress is one of the worst things for our bodies in abundance. When we get too much stress whether it be physically, mentally, or chemically (from foods, drinks, or drugs) our bodies break down and fall apart. Do something to not stress and rid yourself of running yourself into the ground.

Women mostly:

1. Your hormones are off: Get your hormones checked make sure your body is working for you not against you. Remember hire someone that is really good at prescribing you the answers you need.

Remember be your best and do what you need to do to shed fat.. because it won’t do it on its own. Work Hard, Work Smart, and don’t be a Fool. Life is worth living not wasting. Reward yourself by being great.