Have you ever heard of Zumba exercise? Well, if you haven’t, then you have been missing out on a great way to stay in shape. In fact, Zumba exercise is a new type of fitness program that was inspired by Latin dance. The amount of fun you can have with Latin dance, as well as how well it keeps you in shape, is the main reason why it makes such a good workout. This workout was founded in Miami, but since then, has spread all over the world. Zumba exercise combines Latin rhythms with cardiovascular exercise and b putting these two things together, you get an aerobic routine that is not only easy to learn, but fun as well. After all, Zumba comes from a Colombian word that means to have fun and move. Now the real questions are, how do you get involved in Zumba exercise and can you do it from home?


Most people like to participate in Zumba exercise in a class. This way you have the fun of working out and dancing with other people. Now, for the people that do not like to dance in front of others, or if you do not have the time or money to take a class, there are DVDs that you can buy and there are many different websites that have these DVDs for sale. If you are a fan of late night TV you are sure to come across some infomercials that have information on them as well. No matter where you live, you should be able to find some information on Zumba exercise, as well as available DVDs. That is because these DVDs are sold in over 30 countries around the world. Not only that, but if you decide  to take a class, you will be happy to learn that there are over 9,000 Zumba instructors around the world! Zumba exercise is taking the world by storm, and it was even featured on the Today Show.


Zumba exercise is set up to do a few key things for you. First of all, it is set up to utilize the principles of any fitness workout on the market. It is going to help you maximize your caloric output while helping you to burn fat. Not only that, this is a total body toning workout. Meaning that you are going to tone everything from your butt to your arms. All of this is done in a very easy to follow dance step. This is one of the first workouts that is fun and addictive. Trainers say that is why Zumba works. It is not just a way to take off pounds, but it’s a way to have fun. Most work outs are not fun, and people give up on them.


Another important aspect to Zumba, is the variety of music that you are going to be dancing to. The reason why they come with DVDs is that you will change the workout, or the dance, that you do everyday, depending upon the music that you are listening to. They will cover everything from cumbia to salsa, and even flamenco. On top of that, you will learn things like the mambo, rumba, and even reggaeton. As you can see, they have both slow and fast rhythm songs to help you tone your body. Zumba combines both slow music with fast music because you use different muscles when moving to slow rhythms and different ones when moving to faster paced dancing.


Zumba is a fun new workout trend that is shaking up the world with it’s combination of Latin dance with cardiovascular exercise that helps you burn fat while at the same time toning the shape of your body. So why not try something new and take a Zumba class today.