Come take the hottest sensations form the top instructors in the state. Zumba Class in North Scottsdale: This will be the most intense class you ever take I guarantee it. Discover how you can dance off the fat pounds. Personal Power Training is now offering A Zumba Hip Hop Dance Class.Zumba Class ArizonaZumba Class ScottsdaleZumba Hip Hop scottsdale arizona

2 Weeks Free:

Class Times: Monday, Wednesday, at 7pm and Saturday morning at 10am

We will look forward to seeing you there.


7645 E. Evans Rd #4

Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Remember to come take the Zumba class with the top instructors. We will be adding more classes soon as we see your support all come take the top zumba class in ariozna. You may have though you know what Zumba is though you will be blown away when you see our instructors shake and move like you never have before. This is a real party, tons of fun and intensity. You want hot new moves well come and take our zumba class in the scottsdale airpark.