how you doing i’m with nadine from the fitness  joint and we’re going to talk about what does it take for you to be motivated to go to the  gym right so a lot of times people are stuck emotionally right would you agree with that  navy i would agree with that right so we’re all about motivation and inspiration because we know  that’s the biggest hurdle to to get over right to jump over to get to that point where you’re  going to the gym or working at home working out at home consistently so nadine obviously uh was a  former fitness competitor she’s a personal trainer she was somebody like myself that wasn’t in great  shape at one point in their life and has overcome those obstacles to get motivated and obviously  become a personal trainer make it her entire livelihood as well as helping others get  get them in shape so what would you say is like the biggest thing that people need to  do to get over that hurdle to get started just moving for me from my experience it was you  know being i was sick and tired of getting walking up four stairs and being out of breath so  basically you were sick and tired about being sick and tired yeah i didn’t want to go there but thank  you yeah that’s totally exactly what it was um i wasn’t happy with what i saw and you’re  talking about in the mirror in the mirror i remember i i was a lifeguard i put on my bathing  suit and my mom she’s a latina mom she told me you’re getting fat you know she’s subtle like she  told me yeah that’s super stubborn and i was like yeah whatever mom you know i just ignored it uh i  go and put on my bathing suit for my lifeguard job and i was like this mirror is not very flattering  i’m going to go to the next mirror and it was worse than that one and i’m like oh my god it’s me  so for me there was no there was a trigger for me that’s huge but just did you hear that everybody  like it takes a lot to have that self-awareness and finally look at ourselves and go you know  what i need i need i need to do something yeah right you have to have that aha moment and  it and nadine obviously had that going from i think she got a little help from her mom which  obviously is not the nicest way not the ball room right like it’s not the best approach so mom’s out  there i don’t recommend you tell your daughters they’re fat yeah and but at the end of the day  motivation comes in all shapes and sizes right no pun intended right yeah so nadine ultimately  saw herself and she was fed up she hit that moment well what would happen if somebody’s not fed up  right so there’s a lot of people who already look good in the mirror but they’re not necessarily  healthy right and you work with those people so what are some things that people are just on  the fence right they’re not fed up how they look but they’re just on the fence and they’re like  i know i should but obviously they don’t well there’s there’s a couple things i suggest the  first thing i suggest is just starting to get active walking you’re walking every day anyway so  it’s not like you’re really doing anything extra you would just be doing it for a longer period of  time you could go in the evenings go to the park we’re you know in on a treadmill walking just for  a mile or two at least starting does wonders for the body it’s because you’re going from inactivity  to activity and you’re getting your body moving so hopefully once you start a behavior a pattern to  do something consistently like that like walking three times a week your dog your your cat in my  case so i talked like that so that’s interesting that’s another video that you’re a cat right like  so you can walk mom right like do you have a leash for your cat yeah all right interesting so i think  what we can extract from that obviously getting started with a very simple and easy exercise is  awesome like walking we all have the capabilities of walking well i guess you live in arizona like  we do sometimes those those capabilities are a little hindered when it’s 118 degrees out that’s  true but you can always go in the morning you can get a treadmill but i think the biggest thing we  can extract from that besides the exercise is that just create a simple thing you can do and i would  even say let’s even go one step further right like you actually schedule it okay you prioritize  it so you put it in your calendar as in like create a routine around it so every morning at  eight a.m right yeah every evening at six pm yeah and this can be very therapeutic like if  you’re if you’re married or you have a husband wife or girlfriend boyfriend you can go on a walk  together kind of romantic you share a conversation that’s all great and dandy and who knows guys it  might lead to something right um or girls i guess for that matter i want someone you’re taking a  walk if you have a cat you could you can walk animals need exercise dogs if you ever listen  to caesar the dog whisperer guy right he’s basically like it’s not a people it’s not a dog  problem it’s a people problem so if you just get your animals more exercise they’re going to  be healthier and more beneficial but again i’m kind of going on tangent the most important  thing right i think we all can agree on is you set a simple schedule and create a routine  around it that nothing breaks it i don’t know did you ever hear what did it for oprah i don’t  watch her why don’t you tell me okay well i don’t really watch oprah but i didn’t know what what she  finally said that to motivate herself was that her trainer right bob whatever his name is back in  the day i don’t remember anymore but he forced her to make it a commitment that she would never  break that it was in her calendar it was the most important appointment for myself personally what  i do is i i prefer working on the morning because i know if i get busy with my life my business all  that great stuff is i won’t even work out and i’m somebody who’s extremely committed to my health  and fitness yeah so i set an appointment in the morning i don’t look at my phone i don’t look  at my email i don’t do anything from a business standpoint hopefully my clients don’t listen to  this too much because then they’ll know my secret i book my own appointment and say it’s my most  valuable appointment of the day my most valuable client which is me right and i don’t let anybody  break that are there exceptions to the rule yes do i go on vacations and i don’t always stick to it  but typically i do what’s called my move minute so i have about an hour and a half that i commit to  what i call my movement i’m on a vacation i might go running on the beach if i’m uh whatever in the  arctic i’ll get to a gym or go to the hotel gym or find a way to get my movements in and i could  be just jumping in my room doing push-ups lunges squats pull-ups on the door whatever that  may be do you have something similar you do to keep yourself on track when you’re  traveling oh absolutely um i actually schedule one day of exercise only give myself two days  off on the kitchen i actually treat myself i’m not as methodical as he is so i’ll have one day  of exercise it’s usually the day after i arrive and that can also be a beach workout or it can  be a jog on the treadmill and it’s definitely not like a typical workout it’s definitely quick and  to the point but um yeah i i definitely make sure it’s the day after and it’s right after i wake up  and have my breakfast which is probably noon well that’s awesome you gave you give yourself a little  bit more i know personally i’m i’m a big routine person and it’s all about habit and i feel if  you can stick i found that working out five days a week and just sticking to that schedule all the  time makes it easy so i never fall off the wagon i stay consistent and i can just stick to my  routine and typically most people don’t wake up as early as i do when i’m on vacation so i have that  freedom to just go or if you’re with somebody that um likes to likes to actually join you then it can  be fun too oh yeah that’s too yeah but i’m a big like audiobook kind of guy so i put on my audio  book go for a run uh work out or whatever so i can learn something because i’m a dork right um and so  obviously that’s my routine hopefully that helps you and motivates you do you have any last words  for people that can get them over the hump or get them to understand what it’s like to be sick and  tired of being sick and tired well um actually scott i think you actually gave the best advice  with uh making it a priority and in your schedule um since i’m a trainer and i already work out  that’s easy for me you know it’s easy for me i it’s my livelihood it’s not it’s like i wake up  i’m exercising it’s just gonna happen but i agree with him because um if you prioritize something in  your calendar and you know ever like he said it’s not perfect something might come up and you might  not be able to do it like you know we understand that life happens but for me every morning i do my  affirmations and my mindfulness meditation because i already have the physical part down that’s  awesome i make that i think we will need a whole other video on the mindfulness and manifestations  and affirmations i’m not even i’m not there yet i just go to the gym right that’s my sanctuary  right that’s my my place of peace yeah um so let’s actually do another video on that okay  so before let’s wrap this up yeah the topic is i think what did we both agree on schedule  prioritize commit to it make it a routine and just pick something simple something as simple  as walking depending on what level of shape you are you can obviously hire a trainer nadine is  a trainer i’m available um online and offline so that’s an option or you can just find a friend  a partner or whatever it’s called politically correct these days to start motivating yourself  and join you on that the one thing i don’t love about that is if they quit then you may quit  i want to make sure you do it for yourself and you stick to it so keep your routine  no matter what partner no partner or not so get to it get healthy get fit and find that  routine and get sick and tired of being sick and tired and do something with yourself yes amen i  love it awesome take care hit that like subscribe button notification bell all that fun stuff if you  found value in this if not well that’s your choice leave a comment below if you have a great routine  that you like or you have a question you want nadine to answer because i’m too busy and  important to answer your question i’m just playing so i’m happy to answer your questions  as well uh just leave those comments below but thank you and hopefully this was helpful  and we appreciate you and take care bye guys