Calf muscle, also known as your triceps surae, is a pair of muscles that features the gastrocnemius muscle and also the soleus muscle. Your calf muscles are used for stabilization and power throughout movement.
Treat trigger points as you find them. once you roll over a tender spot on your calf, pause on it spot and breathe deeply, for concerning forty five seconds, whereas you await the trigger point’s tenderness to decrease by five hundredth to seventy fifth. After pausing on a trigger point and breathing-through the tenderness, slowly begin to roll back and forth over an equivalent spot, then proceed with your regular foam roller routine. This sort of trigger point therapy is what begins the process of myofascial release. Over time, when regular iterations of deep-tissue massage and Trigger Point Therapy, your muscles’ knotty-areas can begin to free themselves, and you’ll one day find yourself rolling unpainful over stronger, healthier muscle.
Caution: Keep your back-and-forth movements as short as you’ll throughout this exercise, and avoid locking-out your elbows. Omit this exercise entirely, if you have got sensitive wrists, elbows or shoulders. Applying foam roller  or Rumble Roller to massage your calf muscles will be tiring, thus make sure to not move carelessly when your level of fatigue will increase.


Step 1:
Balance on your hands, with both of your calves resting on the foam roller, and then push yourself forward and backward with your arms. The goal is to massage your calves in thirds — first the tops, then the middles, and then the bottoms. Use short, 6-inch strokes with your foam roller, and roll back-and-forth over your calf muscle, about 8 to 10 times on each “third” of your calf muscles.
Point your toes to the left, up, and to the right, in order to massage your calf-muscle tissue from different angles.

Step 2:
Because many find it difficult to keep enough weight on their calf muscles to achieve an effective foam roller massage, even beginners like to turn-up the intensity on this foam roller exercise. To do so, cross one ankle over the other, and use your foam roller to massage just one calf at a time. Just like before, point your toes in different directions, to target the foam roller massage on each side of your calf muscles.