The Great Arizona Grape Stomp 5K

Head up north to wilcox, AZ this Saturday at 8 am for the Great Arizona Grape Stomp 5k. The race  benefits the Arizona Wine Growers Association which serves grape growers and winemakers in Arizona, allying its members for representation, promotion and education.   Get...

Fitness Challenge Scottdale Arizona: Compete with the best.

Fitness Challenge the Start of it all. Arizona's top competitors put to the fitness challenge that test speed, strength, stamina, personal power and true grit. You want to know why we are the best because we demand it out of our clients and trainers. You want to know...

1.5 mile run completed: Fitness Challenge Run Portion

1.5 mile run. First part of the fitness challenge. The beginning of the competition. Let us know when your ready to start. Time to get serious and stop complaining about how you want to be fit. Time to stop complaining and moaning about what you want in life and time...

71 Push-Ups during the Fitness Challenge

71 pushups during the fitness challenge. Come in and compete and attempt to rank as one of the top athletes in town. Scottsdale Arizona fitness challenge to find the top competitor here in Arizona. Personal Power Training 7645 E. Evans Rd. #4 Scottsdale AZ 85260...

Squat Crash

Squat Crash: Squat blooper be careful going to heavy. The reason why safety racks were created.

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