Squat Crash

Squat Crash: Squat blooper be careful going to heavy. The reason why safety racks were created.

A New Look at Raw Milk

4 female endurance cyclists who averaged the age of 50 set a world record this past June for cycling from the Pacific to the Atlantic in 6 days, 11hrs, and 34 minutes. The Raw Cats, as they called themselves,  averaged a speed of 19.22 MPH racing 24 hrs around the...

Mountain Biking

Head up to Flagstaff this weekend to cool down! Saturday August 27th joing the Landis Cyclery Barn Burner 104 Endurance Mountain Bike Race.Race begins at 7 am in Flagstaff, AZ   **For more information contact: Casey Brown at 717-475-8899   Mountain biking is a great...

Train Your Children With Weights and Coaching

When it comes to a healthy lifestyle for kids it can be much different than for adults. Children's bones are still growing, but with supervision youth resistance training can help prevent injuries and prepare kids to continue a healthy lifestyle as they get older....

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Get 1,000 Healthy Recipes for you and Your Family

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