The Secrets To Being A Fitness Model

When it comes to fitness modeling, most people think it’s simply a matter of being in shape.  If you’ve got muscles, you can be a fitness model.  The fact is a fitness modeling career involves more than being in shape.  It requires a knowledge of posing techniques, as...

The Structure House Weight Loss Plan

The Structure House is a residential weight loss facility based in Durham, North Carolina, established in 1977 and run by the famous obesity expert, Dr. Gerard Musante. In 30 years it has helped more than 30,000 people to shed their excess weight, achieving the figure...

The Nation’s Quick Fix for Fat Loss by Scott White

Here we are in 2006, spending billions of dollars on products such as Slim-Fast, the Atkins Diet, Ensure, Dr. Phil’s nutritional products, vitamins, Weight Watchers…and the list goes on. After spending all this money and consuming all these products, why does...
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What Are The Areas Of Your ife You Want
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