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Celebrity Diets that work!

There are thousands of different Celebrity Diets out there that celebrities sell  us.  Who’s tired of being stupid? Celebrities get paid to market products. Celebrities don’t actually even believe in or use themselves but they get paid big money to make it...

Fastest Way to improve your health

Don’t Eat Sugar Exercise Everyday!! You will see so many improvements in your health that you will be amazed, I know don’t tell this to anyone.  It’s a huge secret.  The real secret is can you do it?

Gain 20lbs in a Month Diet

The Big Question of the Day Someone asked me “if they could gain 20lbs in a month”. Here’s what I had to say. if you want 20lbs in a month of muscle sounds like you need steroids though I wouldn’t recommend that. if you want to be healthy and put on as much...