Why you're not losing Fat?

9 Top reasons why you may not be losing fat! 1. You don’t exercise: Duh if your ass doesn’t move it typically will get bigger, so Move it to lose it. 2. You don’t push yourself hard enough when you exercise: yes you should break a sweat even 3. You don’t know how to...

Italians Why aren't they Fat like Americans

I just got back from Italy and visiting Rome and the Amalfi Coast it was a beautiful place and the history of the sites are amazing. After realizing that the diet consistent of Bread, Pasta, Cheese, and Salami. Being it’s on a Pizza, some pasta, or some type of giant...

Personal Trainer Bill 374

This is something that we all should want because it adds to our profession and clients will feel more safe they are seeing a quality professional personal trainers with licenses, degrees, and certifications. The only people who may get upset about this is those...

Robert Cialdini Instant Influence

I just finished reading Robert Cialdini "Instant Influence" book.  Was a great read regarding how to effectively influence people.  Robert Cialdini provided research on exactly why these simple 6 laws of influence are effective and proven.  I highly recommend reading...

Wii Weight Loss Program

Instead of days playing outside, doing sports, and being active many children are resorting to staying inside to play video games. With obesity on the rise in America as well as child obesity everyone is trying to get fit but not putting in all the energy and work....

Warming Up!!

New York Times just did a story on warming up. Talking to exercise physiologists about research and what has been shown to be most effective for warming up. Their conclusion was that they didn't have an answer it was more trial and error.  Athletes, individuals seem...

Strive to Be Great

This Father's love is something amazing.  Watch and believe you can be great to and change, and make a commitment to strive to be your best today! The gift of love and the ability to give all you have for someone is what life is really about.  Make a difference in...

Will Smith Key To Life

Will Smith Expresses the Key to Life. Beating all odds and overcoming life isn't easy though with knowledge that we use and the ability to work harder and smarter than anyone else is the Key to Life.  Take life head on and listen to these words because if you do it...

Any Given Sunday Inspirational Push!

Get Inspired by this inspirational video from the movie "Any Given Sunday" Sometimes you just need a little bit more to get what you want.  Kick, Fight, and Push one extra inch to get what you want.  it's worth it, isn't it?

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